Dante: 50 Tricks for Everyone
by Harry A. Jansen (Dante the Magician). Circa 1941.

Good-night Mister Dante: A biography of Harry A. Jansen (“Dante the Magician”) 1883-1955
by Val Andrews. 1978

Dante: The Devil Himself
by Phil Temple. 1991

Trouping with Dante: Travels with Dante’s Sim Sala Bim in the Golden Age of Big Illusion Shows
by Marion Trasko. 2006


The 1931 film “Dantes Mysterier,” or “Dante’s Mysteries” in English.

A Haunting We Will Go (Laurel & Hardy, 1942)

Bunco Squad (1950)

Radio talks (Australia, 1935)

Dante Paints a Picture

Wonderful Nights Make Beautiful Days