Dante – The Devil Himself

By Phil Temple. Limited edition published 1991. Out of print with some copies in circulation.


Good-night Mr. Dante

By Val Andrews. A Goodliffe Publication published 1978.


The Dante Scrapbook

By Gary R. Frank. Listed as out of stock on Stevens Magic.

Description: The contents of this book includes family snapshots, playbills, posters, and a number of never seen before news articles. Each image was carefully photographed as it is today. This way, you will be enjoying the actual colors and age of each item on the page.

Thurston & Dante – The Written Word

By Phil Temple. Limited, two-volume edition published 2006. Out of print with some copies in circulation.

Description: A rewarding if massive compilation of correspondence between Howard Thurston and Harry August Jansen, the two principals who gave life to Dante the Magician, Inc., initially as a second show for small-town vaudeville theaters and opera houses. Lavishly illustrated with full-color reproductions of Thurston and Dante posters from private collections, the books offer more insight into the business operations of touring stage shows than magic.

Trouping with Dante

By Marion S. Trikosko. Squash Publishing 2006. Introduction by Lance Burton. New copies may still be available here, but a decent supply of good-quality used copies can be found online in U.S. and U.K.

Description: This behind-the-scenes look at Dante’s show on the road is both fond and unflinching. New and aspiring magicians will come away with new appreciation of Dante’s inventiveness in creating and refining some of the top stage illusions ever made.

We Remember Dante

By Joel Ray. Northpointe Publishing 1993. Out of print. Search by title online for used copies.

Description: As discussed in the foreword by Jon Rachenrbaumer, Ray’s collection of remembrances from nearly 20 of Dante’s contemporaries is “hopelessly imprecise, shamelessly personal, and stubbornly heartfelt.” The collective result of the author’s interviews, brief though they may be, does have some lasting biographical value, as does the photo gallery of mostly publicity shots.